we specialize in creating
visualizations and websites
visualizations of the universe
We have developed one of world's most popular online models of the Solar System:
as well as other models of astronomical events and space missions.
We customize these models for educational and presentational needs of our clients,
for example:
school version with own logo, texts, pictures and custom settings
adjustment of the model for large displays, touch screens
and input devices such as Kinect
adding new objects to the model, creating brand new models dealing with
new topics (e.g. space mission, extra solar planetary system and more)
Final app is made for web, desktop, android or iPhone/iPad.
visualizations using maps
We have our own hand edited world and terrain maps, that are suited
to present your location (company, hotel) or area (e.g. for weahter forecats)
in a visually stunning way.
We make tailored websites using unique design
and cutting-edge technologies.
If you are interested in a customized version of one of our models,
or if you are looking for a unique website,
we will be happy to design a solution for you.
INOVE, s.r.o.
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